Published on October 28, 2005 By Vailene In Playstation

Well I got Soul Calibur 3 on October 26th, 2005. A momentous occassion really. The game is just as savvy as the others in the series and then some. I'd describe the game though as un-related to the others in the series. Yeah, the story is the same and a lot of familiar faces (with every previous character being in the game, besides console specific (from SC2) and Necrid.) But, I'd consider the game geared for a "new generation" of fighting games. The way they took ideas as seen in "Dead Or Alive" with the realistic stages and took ideas from games like "Warcraft" to put together their Chronicles of the Sword (replacement for Weapon Mastery) Is truly innovative and impressive. Namco went in-depth with making sure we'd see nothing ever seen before in a fighting game and adding a touch to the game that only Namco can.

On another note, it actually took me 2 days to beat it! That's unheard of! Took me only 6 hours to complete Soul Calibur 2 (EVERYTHING in the game) and I found that to be slow. Either, I'm getting slower in my old age of 24 or the AI is a lot more smarter, technical and harder than before. But, that's for more than 1 person to decide. So hey, the 36 hours put into the game to unlock everything might be a bit sluggish but it's done. I'm really happy with all of the characters and all of the other goodies. (I won't mention because I'm not a spoiler).

Basically, if you have a Playstation 2. You NEED to buy this game. It's the only game in the past year I'd consider to be worth the $49.95 + Tax.

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