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February 23, 2006 by Vaeyrik
What Anti-Virus would you go with? McAfee, Norton or Panda..?
November 3, 2005 by Vaeyrik
Hey All,

I've seen this been done, but in scattered format throughout the forums. And, not really highlighting the favorites per say?.. Unless I missed something. I am feeling a bit odd lately (sinus infection).

Which browser on the internet is your choice of browser.. Then name 5 likes and 5 dis-likes to it, if you can think of that many. I personally use Opera so I will start it off.

-Speed of Browsing - Seems to be quicker than other browsers.. Whether this ...
November 1, 2005 by Vaeyrik
Hey All,

I've seen this implemented on several sites for wrestling games and other. I just wanted to see how well it would work out in our community. What I'd like is if everyone could post their Character Creation forumlas here. This way others with Soul Calibur 3 in the community or outside of the community (I think) will have access and some ideas to fill in those blank No Data slots. I won't be able to post any myself until I get off of work. But, I will. I have some pretty clas...
October 29, 2005 by Vaeyrik
Hey Everyone,

Figured I'd give credit to an excellent Metal band. In Flames. I just downloaded their album, "Soundtrack To Your Escape" off of MP3Search.RU a couple of days ago. Best $1.08 (roughly) I've ever spent for legal music. Think about that!! I-Tunes and their 99 cent+ tracks can kiss my !*@. I can get an entire album for that... LEGALLY. Anyways, take a peek at the lyrics of my favorite song by In Flames titled My Sweet Shadow..

I'm selling heavenly sketches
A world out ...
October 28, 2005 by Vaeyrik

Well I got Soul Calibur 3 on October 26th, 2005. A momentous occassion really. The game is just as savvy as the others in the series and then some. I'd describe the game though as un-related to the others in the series. Yeah, the story is the same and a lot of familiar faces (with every previous character being in the game, besides console specific (from SC2) and Necrid.) But, I'd consider the game geared for a "new generation" of fighting games. The way they took ideas as seen i...
October 28, 2005 by Vaeyrik
Hey All,

Just working as usual and venting off on about all of the freegin' leechers that refuse to get a subscription. They mostly all complain they don't have the money but I'm a 24 year old father and husband and I can still afford a Subscription and Stardocks' ObjectDesktop. I did put in my few cents about the "need" to subscribe thing as well but I did cave in and it only took a day and other subscribers to actually care and show me what I was gettin...